You’re probably looking for benefits of kettlebell exercises, right? Trust us when we say that a kettlebell has a lot more benefits than what it may seem. This piece of equipment is extremely useful and beneficial to all athletes regardless of your training style. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to improve your core stability, challenge your range of motion and get your blood pumping then you’ve found the hidden gem kettlebells that pack all those great major benefits into one!


Build Your Strength & Power

Just like when you’re using other equipment such as dumbbells or a barbell, a kettlebell can be used in your routines to be building your strength and power further. Add in a kettlebell to some of your free weight exercises and you’ll be able to massively reap the benefits of it. Personally, I like to add them to squats, hip thrusts, goblet squats, or just about anything that might need that extra weight! If you can’t use a kettlebell for this then sometimes a dumbbell can do just as well! I highly recommend that everyone uses a kettlebell to engage and build their glutes, hamstrings or any of the leg muscles as these are an essential building block to your routine and progress. As my trainer likes to say nobody gets strong or big without training their legs!

improved strength with squats


Improve Your Posture

In our day-to-day lives, we can often be forgetful about our posture (maybe not you, you might be someone lucky). Whether you’re working at a labor-intensive job or stuck in an office chair for most of the day (that’s my life I swear). You need to be keeping your posture in check and not hunching so damn hard. That’s where kettlebells can help. Incorporate them into your exercise with something such as the goblet squat, hip thrusts or your core so you can focus on having other muscles keep things in alignment.


Increased & Improved Range of Motion

Let’s be real here. There comes a point in time where maybe (just maybe) your range of motion just isn’t as great as it used to be. Seriously, it happens to the best of us. Something you can be doing to help stretch out your muscles by using the kettlebell for extra weight with a swinging exercise. This allows you to engage multiple parts of your muscles at the same time as well. You can use this as well to even free up your hips movement! What’s not to love about it!

improving your posture with kettlebell exercises


All in all, the benefits of kettlebell exercises allow you to be gaining some massive pros for yourself and your health! Talk about mastering your lifestyle! If you haven’t checked out master lifestyle before be sure to if you’ve got the chance! (shameless little plug I know). We produce content like this, services, and some of the comfiest and cutest hoodies for ladies and of course we have options for men as well! I hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorite benefits with kettlebells and we hope to see you out there incorporating them into your exercises.